How to Get Past the Anxious Feelings About Getting Help for Anxiety

There is a vicious circle at play here...

I know how scary anxiety can be... It's terrifying sometimes when you can't get your thoughts and fears under control, it feels like the scariest thing in the world! The problem with seeking help is that in itself it brings up those anxious feelings doesn't it?

The what if questions...

As your brain starts running away at 100 miles an hour with the 'what if?' questions the thoughts of feeling better get over taken:
What if I never get over this?
What if nobody can help me?
What if I suffer from this forever?
What if I don't like the person helping me?
What if they say they can't help me?
What if it doesn't work?
What if I do recover... what's next?
What if I do recover... what does it feel like?
What if I do recover... what if I can't handle it?
What if...
What if...

And the circle keeps running...

All of a sudden the thought of getting help and starting on the road to recovery has been removed and you're in the middle on an anxiety attack again! This is anxiety in a nutshell, a stimulus leads to questions and thoughts and they lead in to a circle of fear and panic.

How to put an end to that cycle...

One of the keys to the Seven (7) Second Solution is to have an action to take after it and the following action will add to the move towards ending the anxiety vicious circle. Finding out if someone can help you is key to you trusting them and breaking the circle and the easiest way is to talk to someone for free, get to understand them and how they can help you, ask them all the questions you want to ask and come away with a plan of how to start feeling better every day.

The Seven (7) Second Solution is based on the premis that when we start counting backwards it activates a different part of the brain which helps shift your focus. It is traditional for us, as humans, to count down from 5 or 10 so Seven (7) makes our brain stop and think for a few moments.

At this point we need to make a decision and take action while the brain is operating from it's logical centre. Counting down from Seven (7) and then taking action gives us the power to recover.

7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... take action... it's the way past those anxious feelings about getting help for anxiety.

Graham Nicholls is a Profession Coach and Author who specialises in helping his clients to recovery from Anxiety, Depression Stress and other related conditions. After being diagnosed with Anxiety & Depression he spent years researching these conditions, finally finding out how to recover and now he helps others do the same.
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