How to Trust the Universe More

Have you been cheated at various points in your life? It's time to remove your belief about not trusting enough. On the other hand, too much of it will lead you to trouble and deceit while on the flip of the coin, it will lead you to have a friendless, lonely life. In short be more trusting. Read on for highlights.

Here are a few scenarios:

1) You find difficulty completing your project during higher studies. What do you do? Ask people's help and work hard to the best of your ability. Leave the rest to the Universe and be more trusting. Everything will fall together.

2) Sometimes things are absolutely not within your control. A car from behind may hit your car accidentally. Whatever the damage, don't be intimidated to drive again on the highway. Just trust the Universe.

3) You are having constant squabbles with your spouse. You know she is seeing someone else. Let her file the divorce. Who knows she may change her mind at the last minute. In this case too, be more trusting.

4) Your children have grown and are in primary school. They constantly fight with each other. Let them know they are doing themselves enough harm. They need to work and play together decently. They may have listened for a while but return to their old habits again. You are in a fix what to do. Just trust the universe again that your children will soon learn to cooperate.

5) Your parent has been hospitalized. You are afraid she may pass away. Again, be trusting and know that everything happens for the very best. Take good care of her. Maybe she will recover fully or maybe she won't. Accept the truth - good or bad and move on.

6) At some point in your career, life is throwing snowballs at you. Make a choice. Either bear with it or start an online business, working from home. Just do whatever your gut instinct says and be more trusting.

7) You are worried sick about the possibility of a pay rise. It would benefit you a lot in running your family well. Well, start believing in yourself that you have performed your duties punctually, dedicatedly and committedly. Just trust the universe and chances are you will get that raise.

Summing up, those are some of the scenarios where being more trusting helps. You may come up with more ideas. Just add them to this list of scenarios. And if one or more of them turn out to be true in your case, always remember to tie your camel tight but at the same time, trust God enough.

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