Improving Your Vision Naturally - How Much Improvement Can I Expect From Eye Exercises?

We are aware of the positive effects that regular physical exercise has on our bodies. We know that the more we exercise, lift weights and engage in physically challenging exercises the greater the likelihood that we increase muscle mass, improve our shape and lose weight. The results of this physical exercise can lead to an improvement in our physical strength, health and athletic performance. However, when it comes to the concept of exercising our eyes in order to improve our vision naturally, some people either have a skeptical response to this suggestion or they roll their eyes in disbelief. Many skeptics in the traditional eye care industry claim that eye exercises are not scientifically proven or ineffective. However, the truth is that eye exercises do work and there is evidence to point to this fact in the journal of the academy of ophthalmology. The eyes have muscles and some of these muscles do control the focusing power of the eyes, their strength and flexibility to keep the visual system in good shape. The process of performing these simple, quick, fun and easy eye exercise techniques leads to better natural vision without glasses. You may ask yourself the question if these eye exercises work then exactly how much improvement in my vision can I expect from such a program. Therefore, here is some information concerning this matter:

A realistic goal in the pursuit of an eye exercise program is the fact that the kind of vision improvement that leads to less dependence on your glasses and contacts is quite possible. Some people have cut their prescriptions in half and have only used their glasses only when it is absolutely necessary. This is due to the fact that their natural eyesight has improved greatly that they can now partake in many different daily activities without the use of their glasses.

There are other cases whereby some people have seen complete improvement in their eyesight and others to the point of obtaining 20/40 vision; the kind of visual acuity necessary to help them to pass the drivers eye exam to obtain a driver's license. While 20/20 vision without glasses with such a program may seem very difficult, farfetched, or unattainable to most people, it is not impossible.

The extent of your vision improvement will depend on a variety of factors. As with any kind of exercise program, the vision improvement results that you will see from the pursuit of an eye exercise program will depend on a variety of factors. These include the level of commitment you are willing to devote to such a program. While the word commitment may scare some people, some incentives to stay on track with the eye exercise program is the fact that the techniques are user-friendly, simple, and easy to perform. Also, the program is not time consuming at all and will not take up a substantial amount of time to perform. Another important factor that will determine your ability to see successful results with such a program is consistency. From this point of view, this relates to your willingness to perform the eye exercises on a regular basis. For instance, if you have decided to practice the techniques 4 times a week, are you willing to stick to that particular routine on a week to week basis, without skipping weeks or days in between? In most cases the best results will be obtained from the person that does the program every single week without skipping a week or two in between. Therefore, consistency is required to obtain the best results from your program of eye exercises to achieve better natural vision without glasses.

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