My Reflections - My Present Perception on the Surroundings

The great Trinity God seems to have stopped watching us
The revered mountain God too is not looking after us
The holy water has stopped caring for us
The great temple authorities do not watch us any more
Our fellow beings aren't watching
Our secret society hardly care for us
Those who have been watching, I consider them as my loyal natural friends
Those who have not been watching, I look up to them as my esteemed divine friends
I am coming across towards the very methods
I am coming across towards inward
I feel I have lived my life in full
I don't feel hunger anymore
I don't feel thirst anymore
Yes, I'm eating food
But honestly, I have no understanding on what food means to me now
Do you think you are courageous enough?
Well, I feel I boast certain degree of systematic courage
What I feel is that, it's the mighty sun who makes hunger & thirst
Both my thirst and hunger are uneven now
I don't wish to survive sans food & water
It's true yet then if the situation demands, I am ready to compromise

It implies that the sole way to survive on our plant would be extremely tough
I know that I deeply feel to help everybody
However, the problem is that people seem to be reluctant towards my visions, feelings and words
I understand people today are only ambitious to make pots full of money
Adwaita is the key to inward nature
Today success is only gauged by how smooth one's words are
Today failure defines a natural outcome of disturbing words
Yes, I am confident about my knowledge about every art
I am positive about my awareness of every cat
I know of every animal
I am familiar with every human
If anybody throws a challenge at me, he would survive
If they care to listen to my words, they won't survive
I am positive that I am actually mastering
I am confident that I am actually reading
I am pretty sure that I am steadily galloping
I also know that I'm withering
I know the moon & sun aren't actually listening
The Mars and Earth have been quiet for far too long
The Venus and Jupiter seem to be weeping
The Neptune & other planets seem to be trembling
The big universe is actually withdrawing
The creation has started to become imbalanced
Nature seems to be withdrawing
The sun seems to be withdrawing
The moon looks like as if it is steadily dissipating
And, here I am continuously listening
Yes, I'm listening
And, if this goes on
The whole creation would soon collapse
No, I won't survive
But then, the people, the others, would survive
I am fully aware that my understanding does not exactly align to people's understanding
Yes, I am full aware that I am a reluctant leader
Very honestly speaking, if anyone feels that he deserves my very presence, he is lucky
I am rightly moving towards righteous justice
If anybody raises any obstruction, he would certainly lose
The whole creation is on its way to collapse
Yes, I am very much listening
But then, no, I won't continue
I won't bring
Nor I would handle
I would surely bow my head down to the mighty sun
I would certainly bow my head to the great earth
Very soon, many would suffer from loss of vision
Very soon, disharmony would start to creep into many lives
It is the natural result of their lack of understanding in paying heed to my words
I'm always listening to our world
Nature is always attentive to me
The cremation isn't far, it's already present
I'm neither going to die nor live
According to me, there is just one single proportion
The result, still, is not actually given
In fact, we have a generic result here
But preparation isn't exactly generic
I am firmly holding
I consider myself as the revered queen of a palace
Io also consider myself as the great king of a palace
I don't support anybody
No, I won't support a single soul
The day seems to be progressing towards final judgment
Our humanity seems to be living to the very eventuality
Once again, yes, I am actually listening
I'm truly listening
But do you care to listen to my very voice?
Do you care to listen to my very breath?
I am actually mastering
Writing is a habit of discipline.
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