The Gift Of Inner Healing Experienced Through The Power Of Self-Forgiveness

Whatever it is often we have difficulty forgiving ourselves or someone from our past and we continue to hold onto grievances that are in need of undoing. Try to begin "overlooking" these projected grievances by "looking beyond" them-- the real meaning of forgiveness according to A Course in Miracles.

When you are projecting feelings about an inner issue in that instant, this self-healing urges you to let it take over. Self-healing can be realized in many ways, and for me it's through writing and is why I suggest the same for many. You will know the best thing for you, so just simply take a breath or two and be certain that you are comfortable with your response.

Turning things around in your life

When we ask ourselves how I can heal we may be too hard on ourselves over a relationship or marital problem, perhaps it's the task of losing weight that is bothering you, or your dread of a dead end job or career that is not rewarding you, or anything that is causing pain in your life.

When feelings from the past seem to haunt us, how can I heal is a question that sometimes circles our minds. When you here sentimental music or watch a heart wrenching movie, do you often break out in tears or at the least get emotional.

This means that the gift of inner healing is beginning to mend an existing wound if so.

Yes, face the question how can I heal by looking beyond the painful feelings simply by noticing them without judgement of any kind. By this self-forgiveness you go beyond the constant projections of those memories that want to hurt you, and you allow the gift of inner healing to be on your side.

Self-healing involves a surrendering of yourself to what is real and truly meant to be. You must trust and understand that what is not meant to be will ultimately be reversed, or undone. Consistent on-goings in physical form are part of this process.

A Course in Miracles states, "This invitation is accepted immediately, and the Holy Spirit wastes no time in introducing the practical results of asking Him to enter."

Because you are forgiving yourself for those self-projected images, it's self-forgiveness.

You cannot go beyond the question how can I begin and heal to experience the gift of inner healing until you begin letting go and surrender these projected images to your inner divine Guide-- the Holy Spirit.

Letting go of what you don't want

One common belief seems to be: "I must defend myself if I am attacked." How is it we believe we should defend ourselves? Surely we must defend against physical harm; but how do we believe we should go about this?

When you are asking yourself how can I heal simply remember that there is something to be said for the statement "God works in mysterious ways." Since His meaning is changeless, so is each of ours. The trueness and the meaning about what or who we are is never out of accord with His, because our whole truthful meaning comes from His.

It must be like His, which is why we become defensive about our beliefs when we are unhealed we have doubts about this.

This is the Holy Spirit's goal with everything that occurs in this world, and why things occur the way they do. He has a use for everything, including when you are down and in despair and asking, how can I heal.

Let's not be hard or too alarmed on ourselves, because no one will be totally healed until as a whole we reach full Atonement--which means awakening to Who and What we truly are. We can not experience any sort of self or spiritual awakening until we begin letting go of what we do not want.

It would be foolish to say that God could ever be out of accord with Himself; therefore, how could you and I? It is the ego that separates us from all that God is.

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