Use Purified Water for Fresh Fish Aquariums

Do you have a large fish aquarium? Are you considering investing in one? If so, there is something you need to know about aquarium water. Many people have trouble keeping their tanks fresh with outdated filters and defective components. Not only does this decrease the quality of the water, making your beautiful tank look filthy and dingy, it is also life threatening for your fish. If you are having trouble keeping your aquarium's water clean, or your fish alive, you may want to consider installing a better tank filtration system. There are two primary options for tank filtration, both of which are equally effective at maintaining water quality. Continue reading to learn about both devices, and how they help keep your aquarium clean and your fish healthy.

Tap Water

Tap water contains a load of contaminants, including nitrates, phosphates, chlorine, fluoride, and a list of heavy metals (i.e. magnesium, iron, etc.). Elements like phosphate and nitrates cause increased algae growth, but they are also very toxic to fish. Even the copper pipes that transport your home's water can leave traces of metal, which is also deadly to marine life. To reverse all of these issues, you simply need to choose a quality filtration system that works for your home and your fish tank. Your two best options are a reverse osmosis purification or deionized water filters.

Reverse Osmosis Purification

Reverse osmosis works well to remove toxic impurities found in drinking water. It renders water clean, pure, and tasty. These systems are POU, or point of use systems, which means they can be installed anywhere with a water source. They are designed with a thin semi-permeable membrane. Water presses up against this membrane, which allows regular water molecules through, but filters out any major sources of contamination. In fact, this system is so effective, it filters out 99% of all tap water contaminants. A reverse osmosis system with protect fish and tanks by delivering a safe and suitable environment.

Deionized Water Filters

Just like a reverse osmosis system, deionized water filters can remove harmful contaminants from drinking water. Also called DI cartridges, these filters catch any contaminants and heavy metals that are electrostatically charged. Because these filters do not remove as much as an RO system can, they are often used in combination with each other as the final stage of reverse osmosis. When used like this, they are more effective and last longer.

Final Note:

Keep in mind that these systems do not filter the tank water; instead, they filter the home's water before reaching the tank. You will need to use these systems in conjunction with standard supported aquarium filtration systems for optimal results.

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